How Do You Align Your Talent Acquisition Strategy With Your Business Objectives?

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    How Do You Align Your Talent Acquisition Strategy With Your Business Objectives?

    In the quest to weave talent acquisition seamlessly into the fabric of corporate goals, we've gathered insights from CEOs, Presidents, and other top executives. From prioritizing cultural fit to aligning hiring with a firm's community values, explore the diverse strategies in these twenty expert responses on synchronizing talent acquisition with business objectives.

    • Prioritize Cultural Fit in Hiring
    • Expand Talent Search Internationally
    • Recruit Passionate Data-Driven Talent
    • Involve Team in Candidate Assessment
    • Tailor Recruitment for Market Expansion
    • Adopt a Dynamic Freelancer Hiring Strategy
    • Focus on Digital Marketing Talent
    • Build a Specialized Digital Marketing Team
    • Develop an Effective Candidate Screening Process
    • Assess Candidate's Job Desire
    • Link Recruitment to Tech-Driven Goals
    • Hire for Tech Expertise
    • Adjust Hiring for Market-Specific Needs
    • Attract Fiduciary-Minded Tax Professionals
    • Create World-Class Candidate Experience
    • Recruit for Digital Presence and Ethos
    • Standardize Remote Instructor Hiring
    • Hire for Technical and Regional Expertise
    • Redesign Hiring for Fast Growth
    • Align Hiring with Firm's Community Values

    Prioritize Cultural Fit in Hiring

    Talent acquisition isn't just about choosing the person with the strongest skill set. As a recruiter, I know that can actually be a mistake.

    Culture and cohesion are just as important as experience and education, so when you are hiring, it can be good to set the resume aside for a moment and think about how a candidate will fit into your existing team. Don't assume that connection will always happen with time; that's not necessarily true.

    At Redfish Technology, an integrated workforce is a key part of our success and an objective going forward. To keep all employees working well requires looking at the bigger picture and accounting for personality and work style during hiring.

    Rob Reeves
    Rob ReevesCEO and President, Redfish Technology

    Expand Talent Search Internationally

    The COVID-19 pandemic caused the hybrid workforce management solution industry to boom, which meant a sharp spike in demand for talent that could help expand into additional international markets. This meant looking much further afield and into different areas than typical, as language skills and local knowledge were significantly more important than knowing the business or the technology—those things we could teach, whereas the language and the lay of the land we could not.

    Dragos Badea
    Dragos BadeaCEO, Yarooms

    Recruit Passionate Data-Driven Talent

    In aligning our talent acquisition strategy with Omniconvert's business objectives, a focused approach was essential. Understanding the pivotal role of data in e-commerce, we sought individuals who were not only adept in data science but also shared a passion for transforming customer insights into actionable strategies. A memorable instance of this strategy in action was when we expanded our analytics team ahead of launching a new customer segmentation tool. We specifically looked for candidates who exhibited a strong analytical mindset and a genuine interest in e-commerce innovation. This alignment ensured that our new team members were immediately engaged in the project, contributing fresh perspectives that significantly enhanced the tool's development and ultimately our value proposition to clients.

    My personal involvement in the recruitment process, sharing our vision and gauging their enthusiasm for our mission, was key in attracting talent that was both skilled and culturally aligned with our goals.

    Valentin Radu
    Valentin RaduCEO & Founder, Blogger, Speaker, Podcaster, Omniconvert

    Involve Team in Candidate Assessment

    At Carepatron, we believe in fostering a collaborative environment that extends to the recruitment process. While I actively participate, our hiring strategy goes beyond HR or myself. We strategically involve various team members in candidate interviews. This multi-level approach allows us to assess a candidate's skills and experience, but more importantly, their potential fit with our company culture and future colleagues.

    Jamie Frew
    Jamie FrewCEO, Carepatron

    Tailor Recruitment for Market Expansion

    Yes, I can. When our company planned to expand into a new market, we knew we needed a specific talent acquisition strategy. We tailored our recruitment to focus on candidates with deep local knowledge and the necessary technical skills. We reached out through local universities and professional networks, refining our job ads to highlight the appeal of joining our team, especially for those familiar with the regional market.

    This strategic approach helped us quickly assemble a team that was well-equipped to navigate the new market, ensuring our expansion was not just smooth but also successful. This experience really drove home the importance of aligning recruitment strategies with business objectives—it's key to achieving targeted growth and operational success.

    Ana Alipat
    Ana AlipatRecruitment Team Lead, Dayjob Recruitment

    Adopt a Dynamic Freelancer Hiring Strategy

    As the CMO of an e-commerce business with fluctuating revenues and a lean team, it's crucial that our talent acquisition strategy remains as dynamic as our market. That's why we primarily recruit freelancers. Hiring freelancers, who operate like small businesses, allows us to access higher skill sets and enables faster ramp-up times. This flexibility is vital, especially when we need to adjust team size quickly in response to revenue increases or declines. Platforms like Upwork make the freelancer market transparent, helping us identify and recruit successful freelancers swiftly. This dynamic approach not only speeds up our recruitment process but also allows us to replace talent more easily if necessary, enhancing our recruiting efficiency and improving overall outcomes.

    Rafael Sarim Özdemir
    Rafael Sarim ÖzdemirFounder & CEO,

    Focus on Digital Marketing Talent

    We've always made sure our talent acquisition strategy is directly in line with our business objectives at our four-day workweek recruitment agency. One example that stands out is when we identified a need for specialized skills in digital marketing to support our clients' online presence goals. We realized that by aligning our recruitment efforts with this objective, we could not only meet our clients' needs but also enhance our agency's reputation as a go-to source for top-tier talent in this area.

    So, we decided to focus our recruitment efforts on finding candidates with strong skills in digital marketing, SEO, and social media management. We reached out to specialized job boards, attended relevant events, and tapped into our network to identify top talent in this field.

    The result was a win-win situation. Our clients achieved their business objectives by acquiring the talent they needed to drive their digital marketing initiatives, while we solidified our position as a strategic partner invested in their success.

    Phil McParlane
    Phil McParlaneFounder & CEO, 4DayWeekJobs

    Build a Specialized Digital Marketing Team

    At Write Right, we aligned our talent acquisition strategy with our business objective to expand our digital marketing services. Recognizing the need for specialized skills in SEO and digital analytics, we tailored our recruitment efforts to attract candidates with proven expertise in these areas. We partnered with online platforms and professional networks that focus on digital marketing professionals and emphasized these skills in our job descriptions and interviews. This strategic focus helped us successfully build a team that was ready to implement effective digital campaigns, directly contributing to a 30% increase in our digital marketing project engagements within a year.

    Bhavik Sarkhedi
    Bhavik SarkhediCMO, Write Right

    Develop an Effective Candidate Screening Process

    Ensuring that the individuals I add to my team align well with the objectives our company is striving to accomplish is crucial. I accomplish this, for example, by developing a very successful screening process. Basically, during interviews, I make sure that the questions I ask and the tasks I assign enable me to determine whether the candidate possesses the abilities and mindset necessary for success. For instance, if boosting our social media presence is one of our main goals, I might question applicants about their background using various social media sites and how they have assisted other businesses in expanding their online presence. In this approach, I don't just hire people who look good on paper but who can actually help us reach our goals.

    Kartik Ahuja
    Kartik AhujaDigital Marketer,

    Assess Candidate's Job Desire

    At College Recruiter, we set annual and quarterly Rocks (goals), and our hiring strategies and tactics flow out of those. When we get to the point where we've decided to hire one or more people, we consider every applicant the same way: Do they get, want, and have the capacity to do the work?

    Unfortunately, far too many employers miss the "want" piece. They look to see if the candidate is qualified in terms of experience and/or education (capacity) and also whether the candidate seems to understand what the role entails, but few really dig into whether the candidate actually wants to do the job. Perhaps the employers assume that if the candidate is applying for a job as an accountant, they want to be an accountant, but that's not always the case.

    Many candidates with accounting degrees will apply for accounting jobs, but when you really talk with them, they're doing so because they don't know what else they can do to make the money they need to survive. Just because you understand what the accounting job entails and that you have the requisite skills to do that job does not mean that you actually want to be an accountant.

    Steven Rothberg
    Steven RothbergFounder and Chief Visionary Officer, College Recruiter

    Link Recruitment to Tech-Driven Goals

    I would like to share this transformational approach that we took in the past, in which our recruitment effort was directly linked to the strategic goals.

    Realizing that our business was moving toward a tech-driven model, we went through a reorganization process in reshaping the talent acquisition strategy toward high-grade tech talent. The transition was not only for filling up the positions but was deeply embedded in our roadmap for building new products and services driven by technology.

    We partnered with higher education facilities to establish a technology talent incubator that would help train professionals for our business. It was a way to make sure there was always a flowing and aligned pipeline of talent. This proactive stance helped us reduce the time-to-hire by 30% and improve employee retention by 25%, influencing the business's efficacy and productivity.

    Moreover, our employer branding was aligned with the business vision and propagated at all job postings and interviews our continuous search for innovation and technology. The alignment made our company a preferred employer for tech professionals and aligned our talent pool with our long-term business goals.

    Hamzah Khadim
    Hamzah KhadimPresident & CEO, Logik Digital

    Hire for Tech Expertise

    Aligning our talent acquisition strategy with business objectives is crucial at Empathy First Media. For instance, when expanding into new markets, we prioritize hiring bilingual or multicultural candidates to enhance our ability to connect with diverse audiences and navigate cultural nuances effectively. Additionally, we focus on recruiting candidates with expertise in emerging technologies to drive innovation and stay ahead of industry trends. By strategically aligning our hiring efforts with our business goals, we ensure that our team possesses the skills and expertise necessary to drive sustainable growth and success in the marketplace.

    Daniel Lynch
    Daniel LynchPresident & Owner, Empathy First Media

    Adjust Hiring for Market-Specific Needs

    At our company, we've crafted a hiring approach that not only seeks out top talent but ensures that every new hire propels us closer to our strategic goals. Here is a distinct example of how we've successfully aligned our talent acquisition strategy with our business objectives:

    As part of our goal to improve our Toggl Track tool's adoption in non-English-speaking markets, we adjusted our talent acquisition strategy to hire marketing and customer support professionals fluent in the languages and cultures of those new markets. This was not just about language skills but also about understanding cultural nuances that affect user interaction with tech products. By doing this, we were able to tailor our marketing strategies and customer service to meet the specific needs of these markets, resulting in a marked increase in our user base internationally.

    Alari Aho
    Alari AhoCEO and Founder, Toggl Inc

    Attract Fiduciary-Minded Tax Professionals

    In aligning talent acquisition with business objectives, the focus has been on attracting professionals who are not just skilled but also deeply aligned with fiduciary principles. For example, while expanding our Tax and Business Management Departments, the strategy involved hiring experts who not only excel in tax strategy but also embrace technology to enhance client services. This ensures that every team member contributes to our core mission of transparent, client-first service, directly impacting our firm’s growth and client satisfaction.

    Jonathan Gerbe
    Jonathan GerbePresident, RVW Wealth

    Create World-Class Candidate Experience

    I've had to align talent acquisition strategies with business objectives for both my own organizations and for the clients I've worked with. One example that really stands out to me was from work I did with a healthcare organization. As might be expected, cost pressures in this organization were contrasted greatly with the need for talent, particularly due to the naturally high turnover in jobs like nursing.

    There was much discussion about slowing down the innovation process while costs were being better contained. I was advocating for the opposite—to create a world-class candidate experience in order to attract the talent the organization would need to thrive into the future. Fortunately, the overall project team agreed, and we marched forward with a new CRM and a substantial rework to the overall process, including taking many of the TA activities in-house.

    Jeremy Ames
    Jeremy AmesLeader, Workplace Technology

    Recruit for Digital Presence and Ethos

    In aligning our talent acquisition strategy with Reefertilizer's business objectives, a standout initiative was when we aimed to significantly amplify our digital presence to reach a wider, yet more targeted, audience. Given my background in digital marketing and a passion for sustainable health solutions, I was keen on attracting talent that not only had the requisite skills but also shared our ethos about sustainability and wellness.

    Working closely with Kommo, a collaboration platform, we tailored our recruitment process to identify individuals who were innovatively minded and possessed a genuine interest in sustainability. This alignment was crucial for fostering a team that was not just technically proficient but also deeply connected to our mission, enabling us to launch campaigns that resonated well with our audience and reflected our brand's commitment to natural wellness solutions. This approach has profoundly impacted our growth, making it evident that a team aligned in values and objectives is paramount to achieving comprehensive success.

    Mike Drouin
    Mike DrouinCo-founder, Digital Marketing Director, Gardening & Home Improvement Expert, Reefertilizer

    Standardize Remote Instructor Hiring

    A surge in student enrollment presented a happy challenge. We needed to expand our teaching capacity quickly, but maintaining the quality of our instruction was sacrosanct. Our talent acquisition strategy had to adapt.

    We identified a two-fold objective: attract a wider pool of qualified instructors and uphold our high hiring standards. To achieve this, we moved beyond traditional job boards, targeting online platforms frequented by talented educators, like language learning communities and professional development forums. We also revamped our job postings to highlight the perks of remote work, attracting a broader range of instructors who might not have considered a traditional teaching role.

    Ensuring quality at scale meant developing a standardized remote interview process. This process incorporated assessments of both Spanish language proficiency and online teaching skills, allowing us to efficiently evaluate a larger applicant pool while maintaining our high bar. We streamlined our onboarding program specifically for remote instructors. This program familiarized them with our online teaching platform, curriculum, and company culture, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing their contributions from the get-go.

    By aligning our talent acquisition strategy with these business objectives, we successfully recruited a significant number of highly qualified instructors. The focus on online platforms and remote work benefits expanded our applicant pool, while the standardized interview process ensured we maintained high hiring standards. The streamlined onboarding program minimized disruption and empowered new instructors to contribute effectively right away.

    Connor Ondriska
    Connor OndriskaCo-founder & CEO, SpanishVIP

    Hire for Technical and Regional Expertise

    In aligning our talent acquisition strategy with CheapForexVPS's business objectives, a key initiative involved expanding our presence within the European market. Understanding the critical need for a team that not only excels in technological savvy but also possesses a nuanced understanding of European forex trading regulations and culture, we tailored our recruitment process. We sought individuals with a blend of technical forex expertise and regional insight, ensuring they could innovate solutions tailored to our European clients' unique needs. This approach not only bolstered our market entry strategy but also fortified our brand's reputation as a customer-centric VPS provider. This personal investment in our team's composition underscored our commitment to aligning human resources with our overarching goal of international expansion and customer satisfaction.

    Ace Zhuo
    Ace ZhuoBusiness Development Director (Sales and Marketing), Tech & Finance Expert, Cheap Forex VPS

    Redesign Hiring for Fast Growth

    I have spearheaded initiatives that realign our hiring practices with our overarching business goals, to ensure that every recruitment effort really supports the company's growth and innovation objectives.

    A great example of this is strategic alignment: when our company was growing very fast and an urgently large number of technical people had to be taken on board to support new product developments, we instantly realized the critical need not only to fill positions fast but also to ensure that the people filling them measured up to our very high standards of innovation and technical expertise. We therefore redesigned our recruitment process to focus on those two key areas.

    We have thus run targeted recruitment campaigns where we apply data analytics focused on talent pools with high densities of candidates possessing specific technical skills and a proven track record in innovation. As a result, our recruitment strategies include forming partnerships with top technology universities, attending specialized job fairs, and utilizing cutting-edge social media targeting strategies to reach out to these candidates.

    That's why we worked so closely with our product development teams: it's how we made sure this work was closely knit with what the business needs were, and so we could clarify the skills needed and the type of innovative thinking expected. This enabled us to calibrate our interview and assessment processes so that they could more effectively identify candidates capable of contributing toward specific business goals.

    The impact was transformational: in one year, we managed to increase our technical staff by 3%, with new recruits taking 20% less time to get adjusted to project demands, which led to much faster product development cycles.

    Alex Cornici
    Alex CorniciSEO Manager at, Awesome Hibachi

    Align Hiring with Firm's Community Values

    At Garnett Patterson Injury Lawyers, we've aligned our talent acquisition strategy with our business objectives by prioritizing candidates who not only possess the necessary skills and expertise but also share our values and commitment to serving our community.

    For example, when seeking to expand our legal team to better serve our growing client base, we placed a strong emphasis on finding individuals who not only had a solid background in injury law but also demonstrated a genuine passion for helping others and a strong connection to our local community in Northern Alabama.

    Through targeted recruitment efforts, including networking events, job postings, and referrals, we were able to identify candidates who not only met our technical requirements but also resonated with our approachable hometown image and shared our values of family, community, faith, and integrity.

    During the interview process, we focused on assessing candidates not only for their legal expertise but also for their alignment with our culture and values. We asked questions to gauge their commitment to client service, their involvement in community initiatives, and their willingness to uphold our firm's reputation as approachable hometown lawyers.

    As a result of this strategic approach to talent acquisition, we were able to build a legal team comprised of individuals who not only excel in their roles but also embody the spirit of our firm and contribute to our overall mission of providing compassionate, client-centered legal representation to individuals and families in our community.

    By aligning our talent acquisition strategy with our business objectives and values, we've been able to create a cohesive team that shares a common vision and is dedicated to achieving our firm's goals while maintaining our unique identity as approachable hometown lawyers in Northern Alabama.

    Hunter Garnett
    Hunter GarnettManaging Partner and Founder, Garnett Patterson Injury Lawyers