What Are Effective Ways to Communicate Company Values During New Hire Orientations?

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    What Are Effective Ways to Communicate Company Values During New Hire Orientations?

    In the quest to instill company values from day one, we've gathered the insights of directors and CEOs to share one impactful method they've employed during new hire orientations. From integrating values before onboarding to using storytelling to highlight values and decisions, explore the diverse strategies in these fourteen answers that have effectively communicated company ethos to newcomers.

    • Integrate Values Before Onboarding
    • Storytelling with Customer Success Stories
    • Include Values in Job Postings
    • Concrete Examples of Company Values
    • Role-Playing Core Values in Workshops
    • Mentorship and Immersive Storytelling
    • Hands-On Community Service Projects
    • Real Stories Illustrate Company Values
    • Mentor-Guided Onboarding Process
    • Cybersecurity Simulation Embodies Core Values
    • Initial Assignments Reflect Company Values
    • Recent Joiners Share Their Experiences
    • Orientation Video Showcases Company Culture
    • Storytelling Highlights Values and Decisions

    Integrate Values Before Onboarding

    First and foremost, employees are exposed to our core values long before their new-hire onboarding. Our values are clearly communicated on our website, and we integrate those values into the interview process. We assign core competencies to our values, which allows us to ask behavioral interview questions that align with understanding if someone will be able to demonstrate our core values in their day-to-day work.

    For example, we assigned the core competency of "Ensures Accountability" to our one core value of Own It. We ask questions that invite job seekers to speak of their past experiences when they've held themselves or others accountable, which helps us better predict if they will do the same in a job with us. Based on their response, we can ascertain if they will be able to demonstrate Own It if they come to work for us.

    Furthermore, as part of their onboarding, every new hire receives a copy of the book "Extreme Ownership" by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Since it is the foundation of our Own It value, it helps new hires understand the why behind one of our values. We also sign the book, welcoming the new team member into the team. That's just one way we've fully integrated our core values into employee lifecycle processes.

    Eric Mochnacz
    Eric MochnaczDirector of Operations, Red Clover

    Storytelling with Customer Success Stories

    One impactful method I've used to instill company values in new hires is through storytelling, specifically sharing real-life customer success stories where our values directly influenced outcomes. This approach not only illustrates our values in action but also connects emotionally with new team members, making the concepts more memorable. I lead by example, demonstrating how decisions made based on these values have led to both personal and company growth.

    I make it interactive by encouraging new hires to discuss how they've applied similar values in their past roles or how they see themselves embodying these values in their work with us. This personalized and engaging method helps to embed a deep understanding and commitment to our values from day one. Sharing feedback from long-term employees and customers further highlights the tangible impact of our values on the business's success and fosters a sense of belonging and purpose from the start. It's about making our values live through stories, discussions, and real examples, not just words on a page.

    Valentin Radu
    Valentin RaduCEO & Founder, Blogger, Speaker, Podcaster, Omniconvert

    Include Values in Job Postings

    As a recruiter, I've noticed that HR is behind the curve when the job posting doesn't mention culture. Communicating company values to new hires is something best done early on, and that's why I advise its inclusion in the first-draft hiring specs.

    When company values are established from the start, candidates have time to adjust and come into orientation prepared. Protocols and strategies are expected and well-received.

    So, if you're only bringing up company values during orientation, you might find you've begun too late. Don't make it an afterthought, and employees will reciprocate.

    Rob Reeves
    Rob ReevesCEO and President, Redfish Technology

    Concrete Examples of Company Values

    By showing, not telling, I don't really think reading off a list of company values has ever been impactful, regardless of how good those values are, without a concrete example—or several, preferably—where those values were put into practice. Having each value tied to a specific action by either the company or the employees carries a great deal more weight and gives a more realistic example of what new employees should expect when it comes to walking the talk.

    Dragos Badea
    Dragos BadeaCEO, Yarooms

    Role-Playing Core Values in Workshops

    One impactful way we've communicated company values to new hires during their orientation at CrownTV is through interactive workshops that involve role-playing scenarios based on our core values. These sessions not only introduce the values in a memorable way but also allow new employees to see practical applications of these ideals in everyday decision-making. This approach has helped embed our culture from the start, making the values live and actionable for everyone involved.

    Alex Taylor
    Alex TaylorHead of Marketing, CrownTV

    Mentorship and Immersive Storytelling

    One impactful method we've employed to communicate company values to new hires during their orientation is through immersive storytelling. I personally take the time to share stories about the origins of our company, highlighting key moments that define our culture and ethos. These stories not only convey the history and vision of our enterprise but also illustrate the behaviors and attitudes that have contributed to our success.

    Additionally, we pair new hires with mentors who embody our company's values. This mentorship approach allows new team members to observe and interact with exemplars of our corporate culture in their daily activities. This practical exposure complements the theoretical framework provided in orientation sessions and helps new employees see the real-world application of our values. This strategy has proven effective in helping new team members understand and integrate into our culture quickly and deeply. It encourages a sense of belonging and commitment from the start, aligning new hires with our mission and values from day one.

    Jason Vaught
    Jason VaughtPresident, Houston SEO Company

    Hands-On Community Service Projects

    One impactful method I've utilized to communicate company values to new hires during their orientation involves integrating our values into a hands-on community service project. This approach goes beyond traditional presentations and discussions, allowing new employees to actively experience and live out the company values from day one.

    For example, at CodeDesign, we value community engagement and teamwork. During orientation, we organize a day where new hires participate in a local community service project. This could involve helping at a food bank, cleaning up a local park, or assisting in a community center. By working together on these projects, new hires not only learn about our commitment to the community and teamwork in a direct and meaningful way, but they also build bonds with their colleagues right away.

    This method has proven to be incredibly effective. Not only does it reinforce our values in a practical and memorable manner, but it also sets a precedent for what new employees can expect and strive for in their own work and interactions. It demonstrates that our values are not just words on a website or poster; they are actions we live by every day. This experience helps to foster a sense of belonging and purpose among new hires, deeply integrating them into the company culture from the outset.

    Bruno Gavino
    Bruno GavinoFounder, CEO, CodeDesign

    Real Stories Illustrate Company Values

    We like to share company values with new team members in a special way. During orientation, we tell real stories from our business. We show how values guide our daily work and choices. It helps new people understand how values matter in real life. They see values in action. They see how values shape our place and practices. This storytelling makes values feel real and easy to remember from the beginning.

    Khurram Mir
    Khurram MirFounder and Chief Marketing Officer, Kualitee

    Mentor-Guided Onboarding Process

    At Connective Web Design, we've made our onboarding process better by pairing each new team member with a mentor. This mentor helps them with questions and guides them through using tools like Asana, Slack, and Google Drive, especially since we work remotely.

    New hires get personalized support from a mentor who teaches them not only how to use tools but also why our processes are important. Mentors cover everything from setting up projects to communicating effectively.

    This approach helps newbies feel at home quickly, easing the transition to remote work. It also builds personal connections and supports our culture of teamwork. Plus, it boosts efficiency and fits our company values.

    By involving new hires in our culture from day one, we ensure they're not just learning but actively engaging with our values. This has made our onboarding smoother and strengthened our team's alignment with our values.

    Rodney Warner
    Rodney WarnerCEO & Founder, Connective Web Design

    Cybersecurity Simulation Embodies Core Values

    An impactful method we've implemented to communicate our company values to new hires during their orientation involves an immersive, interactive cybersecurity simulation experience. This engaging exercise not only introduces them to the critical importance of our work in protecting digital assets but also embodies our core values of diligence, innovation, and teamwork.

    It's a dynamic way to highlight the real-world applications of our values and the critical roles they play in our mission, fostering a deep, personal connection to our work and ethos from day one.

    Amit Doshi
    Amit DoshiFounder & CEO, MyTurn

    Initial Assignments Reflect Company Values

    An impactful way we communicate our company values to new hires during their orientation is by linking their initial assignments directly to these values. For instance, when a new employee is given their first project, we take the time to explain how this task aligns with our organization’s mission and embodies our core values.

    This approach not only makes the values tangible for the new hires but also demonstrates how their work contributes to larger company goals from day one. This method fosters a deep, personal connection with our values right at the start of their journey with us.

    Marco Genaro Palma
    Marco Genaro PalmaChief Marketing Officer, PRLab

    Recent Joiners Share Their Experiences

    Having a recent joiner, somewhere between six months to a year, explain those values to them and their own experience in working with the company thus far is beneficial. New joiners have, and likely always will, trust this a lot more than something delivered by an HR representative or executive, and I highly recommend it to any business that has a steady pipeline of new joiners who are actually enjoying their time at your organization. Pair them up with an onboarding buddy, give them some basic training, and let them explain the lay of the land. The caveat is, of course, that you have to actually practice what you preach when it comes to your values.

    Kate Kandefer
    Kate KandeferCEO, SEOwind

    Orientation Video Showcases Company Culture

    One approach we've found to be particularly effective is presenting a specially crafted video during orientation sessions that encapsulates our company values and culture. Through vivid storytelling and real-life scenarios, this video highlights how our values are lived out daily within our organization. It features testimonials from our employees across various departments, providing new hires with a tangible sense of what it means to be part of our team.

    Additionally, the video showcases our community engagement initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to corporate social responsibility. This immersive experience aids in setting the right tone from the outset, ensuring that new employees understand and feel connected to our core values and mission.

    Tristan Harris
    Tristan HarrisDemand Generation Senior Marketing Manager, Thrive Digital Marketing Agency

    Storytelling Highlights Values and Decisions

    We have discovered that the most effective way of conveying our company values to new hires is by storytelling—telling them how our values have guided the company in various decisions, leading to successes and learning moments along the way. This serves to make the values memorable and makes the brand more human, realizing the practical application of the ideals and understanding how the company's ethos can become personally applicable in day-to-day work. New team members come to life with the company's ethos and commit to it.

    Mark McShane
    Mark McShaneFounder, HARO Link Building